Teachers - The Silent Revolutionaries

Date: 20th Jan 2021 

Time: 4pm to 5 pm

Dear Teachers,

You have helped each of us to move from the first steps of imagination to execution. You have guided our minds to so many possibilities where none existed. You honed our young minds to fine sharpness.

You kindle hope.

You kindle love.

You kindle trust.

And you are the creators of our tomorrow.

In short, you made us ‘Feel Inspired!’

With gratitude in our hearts, we at Keep Moving Movement (Lifeschool Foundation) invite you to an interactive session with Naren titled ‘Teachers – The Silent Revolutionaries’ where we will hop, skip and jump on the road to a lovely bright brand new beginning to the next chapter of our lives.

Your Host

Narendra Goidani

A mentor to thousands across the globe, his long-standing life value revolves around “Inspire or Expire”.

Narendra Goidani, a TEDx speaker (and advisor) has been a parenting coach since 2001.

    • Life Coach for over 20 years (www.lifeschool.co.in).

    • On the boards of VIT Pune, i2iT Pune, NES.

    • Authors LSM that has over 39,000 subscribers in over 44 countries.

    • Author of 15 books including Essentials of Parenting (English. Marathi in print).

    • Founder of KMM – India’s largest grassroots level education movement (www.mykmm.org).