KMM 2022 Session-6 (11th September 2022)

Unveiling 6th session of KMM ”What If All Your Self Doubts Are Fake?” on this Sunday morning i.e. 11th September 2022.
Have you thought about it? What if… what if all your self doubts are fake?
Never ever you are saying… Then this KMM session is for you guys.
This is going to be an amazing session with lots of self realizations and inspiration.

KMM 2022 Session-5 (28th August 2022)

Day by day reaching towards goal and succeeding in giving more and more valuable knowledge, an abundance of motivation, and tons of inspiration KMM is now unfolding its 5th Session “It does not matter how much you have…..” on 28th August 2022 i.e Sunday at 7 am.

KMM 2022 Session-4 (14th August 2022)

Crossing boundaries of India and reaching Islands like Andaman KMM is growing abundantly And here we are moving towards our 4th Session “A Warriors Secret to a great life” on the Pre-dawn day of independence i.e on 14th August 2022.

KMM 2022 Session-3 (31st July 2022)

Reaching milestones and moving rapidly ahead KMM fabulously completed its 3rd Session “EENA MEENA DEEKA” on 31st July 2022 Sunday Morning.

KMM 2022 Session-2 (17th July 2022)

KMM22 has rocked and we move ahead for the second session “Why you won’t get what you want” by Mr.Narendra Goidani on 17th July 2022 Sunday Morning.

KMM22 Session-1 (3rd July 2022)

KMM 2022 is officially started and we will be having our first fantabulous session on 3rd July Sunday Morning.

Inspiration at the plateau of Panchgani (25th June 2022)

Motivational session “India I can see a larger perspective” at Panchgani for the heads of “Kaveri Group of Institutes, Pune” By Narendra Goidani.

KMM 2022 Launch party (19th June 2022)

KMM 2022 has officially started with a stunning and awe-inspiring event.

We had our first Volunteer meet party on 19 June 2022 and Our volunteers had blast and played lots of games that took us back to our childhood.

KMM Digital Brochure

Keep Moving Movement is a movement who empowers and embolden the student and the teacher community. The various aspects of this movement, the benefits to stakeholders, the workflow, the kind of impact it creates all is mentioned in this digital brochure.

KMM Annual Report 2022

The KMM Season of 2022 was outstanding. We were back in the field conducting physical sessions in schools after the pandemic. It was a year driven by energy, enthusiasm, and big achievements. As we organized physical social events for our dear volunteers and also scaled new heights in impacting thousands of lives. Attached along is the report covering the fine points.

KMM Digital Brochure

Keep Moving Movement is a movement who empowers and embolden the student and the teacher community. The various aspects of this movement, the benefits to stakeholders, the workflow, the kind of impact it creates all is mentioned in this digital brochure.

KMM Annual Report 2021

2021 was an amazing year for KMM despite the pandemic and everything running online we achieved many big things and reached the far edge corners of India and impacted thousands of lives.
Attached along with it is the detailed report of the proceedings.

KMM 2021 Session 2 – U have a Friend in Me

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesss!! Friendship is a very crucial and influential relationship in life. We don’t need a friend who will change when we change and nod when we nod, our shadow can do that job much better. We need friends who will not only laugh with us but also rebuke us when necessary and help us to grow in life.

KMM 2021 Session 3 – Communication is my Super Power

We all know how to talk, but very few know how to communicate effectively. Imagine a life where you can express your feelings, thoughts, ideas with a lot of clarity, confidence and conviction.

No matter what job you have in life, your success is determined 5% by academic credentials, 15% by professional experiences and 80% by your communication skills. Great communicators become great LEADERS, while poor communicators become followers. Choose your path wisely….

KMM 2021 Session 4 – Magic of 10

The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg. It is not the circumstances but what you are made of, will decide your destiny.

It all begins inside our mind, with the right mindset we can scale new heights and achieve success. Mindset is what separates the Best from the Rest. One just needs a DESIRE to practice these 10 sets of mindset to live a GREAT life.

KMM 2021 Session 5 – Decision Making Is My Superpower

When we were kids the hardest of decisions were taken care of by ‘Eenie Meenie Minie Mo’ and there….a decision was made. Childhood was so much fun and carefree wasn’t it?

Growing up messes up everything. With years comes responsibility for making wise choices in life. With years also comes confusion, fear, lack of confidence and lack of clarity, hence the mind becomes clouded and decision-making becomes tough.

Is there a simple formula for decision making for growing kids too?

The good news is YES!!! Here is a simple yet powerful framework that will help these children to make their own decisions with CONFIDENCE.

KMM 2021 Session 6 – 90% + 10% = 90% + 10%

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

This is the truth of life, when you have gratitude for all the unpleasant things in life, for all the obstacles you face every now and then, you will begin to notice all the good things about life which were probably taken for granted.

So, have gratitude for life because not everyone makes it this far….

KMM 2021 Session 7 – I am a FOREST inside a SEED

To win a video game, a gamer always hunts for cheat codes. Which are nothing but some methods that help a gamer to advance different levels in the game.

How about we tell you that we have a cheat code for you to WIN the game of LIFE?

Answer this simple question….

“Who is the most important person in your life?”

When you find an answer to this question, you will get the cheat code to win the game of life. It is not as easy as it seems. To get deeper insights do go through this incredible session.