Mindset Crisis

A search deep into Mother Earth helps us to find buried, raw, uncut, Diamonds. A search deep into waters helps us to find lonely, hidden, ignored Pearls. We live in a pressurized world, where nothing seems to be enough. In this world, rarely anyone is going deep to discover and unearth the Diamonds and Pearls in the youth of today. We live in a selfie crazy world. Most people’s goal seems to be their 15 minutes of fame. Failure and lack of self-belief are plaguing the youth today.

This Mindset Crisis needs immediate and empathetic annihilation and alleviation. The two most important reasons for failure and lack of self-belief are “Inadequate Preparations” and “Negative Attitudes” (IPNA). For us educationists, the greatest cause of worry is the IPNA in our students. While we see the students as huge bundles of potential, we are also concerned about the IPNA in them. While the teachers at school are doing an incredible job of teaching the minds, the teaching of hearts is becoming the work of specialists. Our volunteers at KMM offer to do this ‘teaching of heart’ with enthusiasm and rigor. With loads of experience and intense research, we have developed training modules comprising of innovative approaches and impactful methods to reach out to all kinds of students.

These modules provide results through engagement, theatre, role play, international inspirational stories that thrill and inspire, debates, discussions, insights, and personal examples. Inspiration, imagination, insights, experiences, tools, techniques, games, achievements contribute to making ‘High Self Esteem’, not just a concept but a belief. By engaging the students in all of the above, we in KMM need your permission to lead your Class IX and X students, on the road to ‘High Self Esteem’. We are sure that the experience provided by these modules will remain imbibed, guiding students through crucial moments and otherwise too.

Our Core Training Areas