Register for KMM 2021

Register as Volunteer

Volunteering with KMM gives one an opportunity to conduct Life Skill Education/Value education session for 9th and 10th standard students in schools. As a volunteer, you would conduct 7 sessions in a school from July to October every fortnight.

Registration Process

    1. Registration by filling up a basic information form.
    2. Volunteer attends the orientation session online.
    3. On acceptance by the KMM team, the volunteer completes the Public Speaking Training program.
    4. After completion of the program, a volunteer becomes a part of the group and gets one mentor aka Area Coordinator.
    5. It is compulsory for the volunteer to attend all the online sessions.
    6. If the volunteer is absent for more than 2 programs, his/her registration would be cancelled.
    7. A first-time volunteer would work as a partner during the first 2 sessions, and they may be graduated to a speaker.

Register your School

Registering with KMM will provide an opportunity to conduct the Life Skill Education sessions in your school by our volunteers.
Training/workshop/ capacity building program of teachers can also be arranged by us.

Registration Process

  1. Schools register with KMM by filling in one basic form.
  2. The session date and time will be selected by the school the same will be reconfirmed by the KMM team to finalize the schedule.
  3. KMM team appoints one coordinator to coordinate further with the particular school.
  4. A consent form is issued by the school and school nominates one teacher for coordinating the activities with the KMM team
  5. KMM volunteers’ names list would be shared with the school.
  6. Sessions would begin in July and end in October.
  7. Closure meeting with the principal will be in October after the last session.