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Life Schooler’s Testimonials

Keep Moving Movement – Testimonials by Teachers

Amit Kothari

CEO, Jain Ceramics

It guides the kids, moulds them, helps them understand the practicalities of life, makes them efficient, makes them effective, teaches them a way to handle relationships, makes them emotionally matured and much more.

Raj Muchhal

Director, Apna Song Pvt Ltd

Keep moving movement has helped me to understand my role as a human being. It has taught me to be courageous and has helped me to look towards life very positively.

Vikas Bhandari

Vikas Bhandari

CEO, Bhakti Cars

KMM has created a culture of growth and possibility. Learning new things, introspection, checking beliefs, breaking a few beliefs, making a new one is a brilliant opportunity.

Milind Mehta

Milind Mehta

Co-Founder, The Sound Factor

It is very close to my heart and personally speaking I am at my peak when KMM is on as before teaching the kids I like to live by everything we have to teach them. To see the twinkle in the eyes of the kids when we take a session is the best experience and the satisfaction one can get.

Prashant Shah

Prashant Padamsi Shah

Co-Founder, Phi Architects

KMM has given us a chance to create and mold young minds who are busy preparing the subjects, without understanding the spirit behind. The Knowledge and the experience shared through KMM will pop up at the right time and will help them overcome challenges.

Sandeep Shah

Director, Ambience Architect & ID

KMM, a super fast journey which trains one to maneuver around the ups and downs of life with ease and aplomb, establishing ever new benchmarks and trends happily forever.

Kuldeep Ruchandani

Kuldeep Ruchandani

Secretary, ICSI Pune Chapter

KMM gave me a platform to think and a direction to nurture the desire and willingness to do something more meaningful and more fulfilling; it gives me an opportunity to make a deep and lasting impact in the lives of students and beyond.