KMM 2018 Session 7 – BT of BT + Impact Assess

Brain Tattoos 2018 :

1) NO BREAKING POINT:Your life is in your hands. I can choose to cry about what is wrong or I can be grateful for what is right.
2) BOREDOM IS DEAD :Boredom can destructive or constructive. Be challenging,creative and enjoy more!
3)SMALL DOORS OPEN INTO HUGE ROOMS: Remember that tiny powers have marvelous gains.
4)PEAK PERFORMANCE:Mediation is key to balance life.
5)IN THE SEARCH OF ROLE MODELS : Excellence happens to us when we have positive role models.
6)THE MANTRA OF SUCCESS: CRSE is the mantra .Consistency ,refined,self motivated ,efforts.


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KMM 2018 Session 6 – Peak Dynamism

There are 3 different tendencies every human being possesses which are Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva. Meditation helps us to balance these three tendencies and increase focus and concentration, memory, emotional balance, let go of things not worth keeping, cleans my internal laundry.

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KMM 2018 Session 5 – Role Model

To love, but let not that love become inaction. To give, and hesitate not at all in the giving. To dream, but allow those dreams to include building and healing.Life can’t possibly be that straightforward. If we always got what we want, maybe we’d never be the people we need to be.

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KMM 2018 Session 4 – The Mantra of Success

If you had a magic wand if the power of the magic wand was to make everything ‘happen’, what would your wish be?
The law says, “In Life you do not get what you desire”. Life asks this question, “Do you truly deserve it?”


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KMM 2018 Session 3 – Sometimes Very Small…

Sometimes, very small doors open into HUGE rooms. Think about it this way a room is much bigger than a door. A door is much bigger than the lock. A lock is much bigger than the key. Yet the key opens space to a huge room.When Sir Dave Brailsford became the Head of British cycling their team had no records but this changed under his leadership. The squad won 7/10 gold medals in 2008 at The Beijing Olympics.

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KMM 2018 Session 2 – Boredom Is Dead

When we become bored, it is a great opportunity to explore life and who we are. However, this takes some level of curiosity and willingness to do some work. Otherwise, if we don’t use this time to be constructive, by default we choose to be mentally lazy and become destructive whether with depression, loneliness, or acting out in some way just to get attention.

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KMM 2018 Session 1 – No Breaking Point

One must remember that we are unbreakable and unstoppable. We can bring about social changes, but When? The process of social change always involves the ELITE to fight for the weak one. We are the ELITES capable of social change. We define ourselves. The World’s Ugliest Women, LIZZIE VELASEQUEZ said, “Your life is in your hands. I can choose to cry about what is wrong or be grateful about what is right.”

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