KMM 2016 Session 6 – What do You want more?

Do not chase your dreams because they will make you feel accomplished. Chase your dreams because they will make you feel ALIVE. A dialogue in 3 idiots movie goes as ” Don’t run behind success,run behind excellence and success will follow!”

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KMM 2016 Session 5 – Everyone Needs A Hero!!!

Let’s begin climbing the limitless ladder of excellence with our Session 5 – Everyone Needs A Hero!!! Now the question for us volunteers is, “Who is MY Hero?” And if we are good imitators let’s develop the courage to be like our Hero and set a benchmark!We need heroes to lift up,to let us know the difference between right and wrong, to motivate ,to inspire!

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KMM 2016 Session 4 – The Darling Machine!

Every session is an ecstatic feeling. The sessions conducted in school fill us with genuine fulfillment and inspiring energy. Let’s switch on our ‘Darling Machine’ and convert our liabilities into assets. Coming up next is Session 4 – The Darling Machine! Caring is one of the most beautiful of all emotions.We must learn to put people first.

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KMM 2016 Session 3 – Discipline + Goals

How many of you break traffic signals? How many of you use snooze buttons? How many of you are over 80% punctual? Discipline gives you huge self-belief. It makes YOU believe, YOU won’t give up, nor get distracted. With discipline you become your best friend. Goals help us to put our efforts in the direction. Goals help us to do some smart work instead of donkey work.

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KMM 2016 Session 2 – Power of Communication!

How to break the ice? How to communicate? Communication can do wonders. It’s a magic in itself ! COMMUNICATION involves breaking boundaries, listening ,speaking.The barriers can be misunderstandings ,fear, misassumptions, etc.

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KMM 2016 Session  1 – I am a GENIUS!

The way different musicians use different instruments to create music, similarly, each one of us is different and can create superb music. Each one of YOU is a genius. We too can ADD value to our life. Jal, Paani, Neer, Tanni, Water, different languages yet the meaning is the same. Each one of is like a different language yet the fact we have taken birth,its meaning is we are special !

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