Training Module

KMM 2019 Session 1 – It’s My Life

DEVELOP – CRUCIAL THINKING SKILLS – Self Awareness, Decision Making, Responsibility. The development of an individual depends on the approach towards difficulties. Some of us approach obstacles as self pity, anger and arrogance, compassion. The third approach inculcates a shift to valuing the situation. We all wish to be a North Star like DAVID GOGGINS. But we must remember that even he was once a zero. Through self awareness, right decision making and always taking responsibility for his life he attained the title ‘The Fittest (Real) Man in America‘.

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KMM 2019 Session 2 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Life consists of three parts.

1)Me and Myself – self belief,goals, ability to be happy, ability to move on.

2)Me and others-relationships, comfortability , team work .

3) Me and my future -goals , My future-goals,time management,planning.

Its important to balance all of them for a balanced life.

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KMM 2019 Session 3 – MEDITATION – The Secret of Attention and Focus

The minds ability to focus on a given topic can be considerably enhanced by the daily practice of meditation. How to meditate? – A beginners guide to Meditation. Observations, attention all over and focus are the most important for success. How to achieve focus ? Meditation is the answer . Meditation helps to avoid loss of energy and time in random , irrelevant thoughts .This method of watching your own breath fulfills concentration and focus.

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KMM 2019 Session 4 – Apna Time Aayega

The context with which you look at life defines your life. There’s a good chance your life is relatively safe — so safe that safety isn’t on your mind. So when nothing happens, you don’t feel particularly grateful. The context is – Taking things for granted. You expect to be safe, just as you expect the light to go on when you hit the switch on the wall. But, when you expect to die or you expect your home to be destroyed in the rains, “nothing happened” is a miracle. Here the context is, ‘I was saved’…hence gratitude fills your heart.

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KMM 2019 Session 5 – A Unique Challenge

Peace begins within ourselves. Our life is in our hands. The context with which we look at our life makes the difference. Everything begins in our mind. If we want a good life, we need to set the context right.

Here’s a unique activity! We are about to create a movie and we want your help. There is a scenario and we need your help to take this ahead with one sentence positive or negative dialogues.

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KMM 2019 Session 6 – Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!

What stops me from moving from the Comfort Zone to Growth Zone? FACE THE FEAR! Everybody wants to excel in one’s life.But do we want to come out of our comfort zone? What stops us? It’s our fear that does not allow us to cross a certain boundary. But what is life without some risks! Try to conquer a fear and step out of the comforting boundary.

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KMM 2019 Session 7 – Khul Ja Sim Sim

No one is perfect .We all have certain talents and certain flaws .Our strengths help us to handle any challenges and when we overcome our weakness,we focus better and open the door to treasure of opportunities.Full session: