Training Modules



KMM 2019 Session 1 – It’s My Life

DEVELOP – CRUCIAL THINKING SKILLS – Self Awareness, Decision Making, Responsibility.

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KMM 2019 Session 2 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Life consists of three parts. We are going to have a session where we attempt to understand all these three aspects of life.

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KMM 2019 Session 3 – MEDITATION – The secret of Attention and Focus

The minds ability to focus on a given topic can be considerably enhanced by the daily practice of meditation. How to meditate? – A beginners guide to Meditation.

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KMM 2019 Session 4 – Apna Time Aayega

The context with which you look at life defines your life. There’s a good chance your life is relatively safe — so safe that safety isn’t on your mind. So when nothing happens, you don’t feel particularly grateful. The context is – Taking things for granted. You expect to be safe, just as you expect the light to go on when you hit the switch on the wall. But, when you expect to die or you expect your home to be destroyed in the rains, “nothing happened” is a miracle. Here the context is, ‘I was saved’…hence gratitude fills your heart.

Full session:Apna Time Aayega Sheet