Training Modules

KMM 2022 Session 1 – The voice in your head!

One of the most powerful sessions of KMM. This session  we spoke about how to deal with all the negative voices and messages in your head that keep troubling one all through life and how one must learn new ways to talk to oneself that help develop healthy self esteem. Each one of us is unique, original and one of its kind. Every human being, whoever lived, came into the world with value and worth and there is no exception to this. Through this session we implanted an “I CAN” attitude into kids.

KMM 2022 Session 2 – Why you won’t get what you want?

This amazing session briefs how being only smart is not enough to lead a successful life. One also needs to be bold and that boldness can be developed using simple techniques like: 

1) just ask :  where one can seek and ask for permissions or validations or Help or knowledge and clarity or Opportunities and responsibilities. 

2) Just do it and by following a simple rule to give at least 10 attempts to achieve something. 

KMM 2022 Session 3 – Eena Meena Deeka 

In this miraculous session we discussed how to handle rejections boldly by ignoring voices in your heads. Not only that there are few steps to handle and cope up with rejections like being honest with your feelings, being positive all the time, thinking about what you’re good at and what’s good about you, giving credits to yourself for at least trying and using rejections boldly for your advantage. 

KMM 2022 Session 4 – A Warrior’s Secret to a great life!

This effective  session gives a tool and a perfect path to lead a warriors “GREAT LIFE”. In this session a very very powerful message was given to students that, “ you have to develop a warrior’s mindset and learn to grow from pain, setbacks, failures, obstacles, challenges, losses and all the hard times in your life . Be a fighter and never give up on yourself or your dreams.

KMM 2022 Session 5 – It does not matter how much I have…

This session’s impact was massive as this session shared some very interesting stories of great legends viz. Sachin Tendulkar, Jan Koum (Founder of WhatsApp) as well as A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. They all had one thing in common, that they all came from very humble backgrounds and were live examples of  what really matter is what I do with what I have.

KMM 2022 Session 6 – What if all your self doubts are fake?

The session started by sharing an inspirational story of Nadia Nadim from Afghanistan, who fled to Denmark, lived in a refugee camp, with such an adverse childhood she dared to dream big and overcame all the self doubts to fulfill her dreams to become a National level Football player and a doctor. Through this story we want to encourage students to dream big and to fulfill all those dreams. For this one skill  must be acquired which is, to overcome self doubts, because the truth is “Doubts are a part of every dream”. But we must remember that the doubts are not there to stop us, they are there for us to double up our efforts .

KMM 2022 Session 7 – KQC – KMM Quiz Competition

This was a fun session with many games like quiz round, guess who am I? and Emoji deciphering rounds. The intention was to highlight all the main points from all the six sessions in a playful and enjoyable way.