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KMM 2021 Session 1 – Born to Win

Many students believe that they cannot pull off BIG things in life due to various preconceived notions. Unfortunately, with this mindset, they begin to downplay their abilities and accept whatever comes their way.

Many believe that they are born ordinary, while the truth is each and every one of us is ‘Born To Win’. You only need to believe in the fact that you are born for greatness. With some magical ingredients and proper planning, anyone can become a true CHAMPION in life.

KMM 2020 Session 2 – The Secret to defeat all Disappointments

Life without an ambition is a bird without wings. Gratitude converts negative to positive . Self pity is our biggest enemy. We are superheroes ,with the superpower to DEVELOP.

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KMM 2020 Session 3 –  Bharat @ 100

The power of ONE is marvelous. ONE can create a huge change. What is your vision of Bharat @100? What will you willingly contribute to make a change? Are you ready to be THE ONE??

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KMM 2020 Session 4 –  LIVE well, BREATHE well!

It’s beautifully said that a person’s life is not measured by number of years but by the number of breaths. If you can master your breathing, you can master anything !

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KMM 2020 Session 5 –  The Mantra of Success

In Life you don’t get what you Desire, but what you DESERVE. Our actions, our efforts decide what we DESERVE. This is the Law of Life.

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KMM 2020 Session 6 –  Make Things Happen!

The world belongs to the people who say ‘I will Make things happen’. The ‘I Can’ attitude will make you unstoppable. Nobody lacks potential, it’s the attitude that makes the difference.

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KMM 2020 Session 7 – Maut se bhi NAHI marne wale hum!

Maut se nahi marne wale hum
Wo mushkil kya hume marega !

Jo kismat me usne likha hai, wo to mil hi jayega
Apni kismat khud likh de to maza aa jayega !!

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